Eco-Friendly Building in A Not so Eco-Friendly World

June 12, 2009
By Jordan Harper BRONZE, Niles, Michigan
Jordan Harper BRONZE, Niles, Michigan
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The use of Eco-Friendly buildings, vehicles, and many other goods has become the newest rage in the competition among retailers in the business world, who are competing to produce the cheapest entities to fulfill America’s wants and needs, while making them as energy efficient as possible. Of course, they would not be making these products if there wasn’t a strong desire for them from the common business/household. People all over the world have become much more cautious, as they have seen the effects of pollution on our environment. So what does all of this matter to me; the average American citizen? This sudden Eco-Friendly madness has produced jobs, created new businesses, and has brought new concepts to learn about. More and more building materials are being delivered upon request, for more energy efficient structures.

As previously stated, the need for energy efficiency is high. But so is the need for jobs, as our country is in the midst of a great deal of debt and recession. One of the many advantages of “going green” is the number of jobs this movement can generate. According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is almost double what it was at this time last year. Luckily, the need for “green”, can balance out the need for jobs. As Felicity Barringer talked about in her article in the New York Times, a study in California proved that generating more green jobs, produced more money for the residents of the state to spend elsewhere. It also lessened the dependency on natural energy, as the consumption of fuel was decreased by 24%. More jobs, more money, less energy consumption; this is all music to everyone’s ears.

There are many more things that benefit from the sudden effort of going “green,” including ample opportunities in the suddenly sparked business of “green.” Going green is not only beneficial in job creation, but also generates an interest in preserving and protecting the planet. Through all of this, the earth is getting a major, deep-cleaning by its inhabitants; which apparently, is working very well. According to the Energy Star Program’s Annual Report in 2007, the money saved on fluorinated gas, ch4, and co2 has increased every year since 2000 (pg. 3). Also rising is the amount of money being saved on utility costs, and the emissions saved in vehicle equivalents. Being the nationwide eco-minded powerhouse Energy Star is, I would say those facts are quite believable.

That leads to another great benefit of going green, which is the savings that people around the world are finding. I have already talked about the jobs that this phenomenon is creating, but even for those who have jobs, money is getting tight. With the new use of hybrid cars, for example, more and more people are saving gas money, which helps the planet sustain its cleanliness. According to Sara Kugler of the Associated Press, the entire city of New York will be using hybrid cabs by the year 2012 (pg.1). This is going to reduce the cost for taxi operators by $10,000 a year. Also, the carbon emissions will be cut by 30% by the 2030. New York is obviously one of the biggest and most influential cities in the country, so it is expected that many cities will follow its lead. Another big change, which affects everyday life, is the switch from plastic shopping bags to reusable shopping bags. Cloth shopping bags from Green Kit, are just one of the new products that a consumer can purchase, which is good for everyone. These bags are made in India, and prepared in the U.S.A., creating jobs. They are made of natural, organic materials, which cause very minimal damage to our earth. Additional benefits of the reusable bags include affordability, sustainability, and diverse functionality. Everyone wins with a product like this; just one of the many being put on the market. After researching all of these amazing ways to clean the planet, and what these strategies are doing for us as consumers, I can conclude that going green is much more than a theory or idea. “Going green” needs to be a way of life for everyone, as our earth, and economy, will suffer without change. There are many steps that are being taken to advance this process, and with determination and perseverance, it will be a very reachable goal. Hopefully, the earth’s makeover will happen sooner rather than later, as the longer we put it off, the harder it will be to clean the mess that we have thrown all over the planet, both literally and figuratively.

The author's comments:
This was an a peice of work that I wrote for a statewide competition throughout Michigan. It recieved first place. Hopefully there are some people out there that enjoy it also

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