Global Warmings Affects

June 9, 2009
By logan willis BRONZE, Crestline, California
logan willis BRONZE, Crestline, California
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Global warming is something that some people don’t believe and may be a myth to some, but whatever it is its effecting wildlife in areas of the arctic zone such as Alaska. So many animals are affected by this so called global warming, but it has targeted one beast of an animal. The polar bear, this animal’s population has descended into a downward spiral and now are considered an endangered species.
Some of the reasons these animals are on the endangered species list is because, the ice is melting and they get left a drift and the ice eventually melts. Yes polar bears are very good swimmers but, if they get left out to far they will sadly drown. Their population has declined in almost a quarter in 20 years, but it’s been falling to the extreme in these past 10 years. Now I said earlier polar bears are beast of an animal well the bears can be ten feet tall and weigh almost seventeen hundred pounds. This weight is basically fat, but that’s what keeps them alive during these harsh temperatures that can plummet to negative forty five degrees Celsius.

Now they may be becoming extinct but because the ice caps are freezing isn’t the only reason, the other reason is that what their diet is made of is also dying off making the fish that they eat scarce and almost impossible to find so they have been going after ore dangerous prey like larger breeds of seals like the elephant seal. Yes the polar bear and this giant seal are an even match but since polar bears are so scarce they get overthrown because the elephant seals stay in packs. So that’s another reason these animals are being considered endangered. And the endangerment is being caused by the heating of the earth.
Now we have explained a little bit about global warming but we have just scratched the surface. Global warming has been caused by several factors these are: fossil fuels natural gases, and even carbon dioxide caused from odd things such as a rotting tree, and burning coal is one of the worst thing you can do because it gives of just awful gases. Scientists have different opinions about whether the current global warming is natural or unusual. Some believe that it is part of the Earth’s natural cycle of warming and cooling. However most believe that what we are now experiencing is unusual and has been caused by human activities. Another great contributor to Global Warming is water Vapor. You may be thinking how does water vapor contribute to Global Warming, well the answer is water vapor does not directly contribute to Global Warming. It contributes to the Greenhouse Effect, which then leads to Global Warming. In fact, water vapor makes up sixty percent of the Greenhouse gasses, twenty percent is carbon dioxide and the other twenty percent is caused by nitrous oxide , methane , ozone and other varieties of gasses.
So Global warming could be a hoax…it could be a thing that is occurring to our planet but were too arrogant to see. Whatever is happening its sending the polar bears into a downward spiral and could be extinct in 10 years. We don’t know but obviously something is happening and as you read it must happen as soon as possible.

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