...under the full moon

June 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Under the full moon of July, animals suffer what men think is just a game,a game you kill and nothing happens,a game you have nothing to loose,at least that is what we thought. Forests are destroyed , oceans are polluted and some humans do not even know what they're doing.
Some know but wont do anything about it,why would they if they think it is not worth it. Worth it? why? You have the power to destroy and create ,your heart will always know how much the earth need us but the brain is usually weak and will not care. Animals will look up at you with those big lovely eyes,what are you going to do? They are just animals,right? Right they are just animals,animals that would die to protect their home.The earth.Somethig you should learn from those "animals". Under the full moon,they will fight anything they have to,but they can't fight alone what we produced meanwhile we will just die ,believing it was just a simple game.A game with such a rubbish lead-a human with no concience or love for Mother nature ,who has only protect us while we betray her in a game under the full moon eyes.

The author's comments:
i love animals and nature and thought about how some people just dont get how important the earth is.They think it is just a game where nothing really happens

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