June 4, 2009
By Natalie Damen BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
Natalie Damen BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
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According to the Sustainable Technology Education Project (STEP), eco fashion refers to “ stylized clothing that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics, and responsible for production techniques.” Eco fashion is a new idea in our world today, and if this can be spread quickly, everyone can make a huge difference.

Eco fashion products are made with raw organic materials such as cotton grown without pesticides, or reused materials like recycled plastic soda bottles. These products don’t involve the use of harmful chemicals or bleach to color the fabrics. All the clothes have natural color from the materials they are made from. These outfits are made by people that are earning fair wages, and working under healthy conditions. Eco Fashion is developing very rapidly and becoming more popular all over the world. Designs are currently quite expensive, but as they become more popular, prices will decrease.

Eco fashion first debuted in New York City Fashion Week 2005. At the show, designers showcased outfits featuring eco friendly materials such as hemp, recycled poly, and bamboo. This show represented the merging of style with environmentally sensitive fabrics, manufacturing and production processes, and ethical concerns. Some clothes were even made out of organic wool, soy, and corn fibers. Earth Pledge is one of the many companies that are trying to improve the environment. For the fashion show this company was a major contributor, and is trying to create a balance between nature and manmade systems.

Richie Rich, a designer at Fashion Week said, “People often perceive the fashion world as superficial, so it’s great to work with materials that are actually good for the environment.” This shows that we can change almost everything to improve our earth. All of these little changes can add up to create a big difference in our quality of life.

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