June 4, 2009
By Bailey Keefe BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
Bailey Keefe BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
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One of my best experiences with nature was when I was 12 during the summer before I started seventh grade. We were vacationing in Glacier National Park for a few days during our visit to Montana. The lakes, mountains, and beaches were breath taking. The last day we were staying at the East lodge, my parents and I went on the Going-to-the-Sun Road which borders the east and west entrances. About halfway through the journey, we stopped for a lunch break at Lunch Creek. There was blue sky and about 80-degree weather, the mountains were beautiful. At Lunch Creek, there was a trail leading up the creek. I really wanted to go exploring, so I dragged my parents along and we decided to take a hike. Tons of wildflowers and colors I had never seen before were along trail. The creek was a refreshing cold temperature to hot hikers covered in dust rushing over brilliantly colored rocks. We finally reached the top of the creek in a small meadow. The grass was lush and green, but the trail didn't end there. I was so excited and in an adventurous mood, that I wanted to climb higher. But first there was a wall of rock with algae growing on it because there was water running down into the creek! The wall of rock had many crevices in it and looked similar to a washboard. The sun was hot on my back, and I decided to go into the waterfall. The water was ice cold trickling down onto my arm and it felt wonderful. I knew that there must have been more water up higher. The only way to climb up appeared a little dangerous, a jagged path that was steep with unstable looking rocks. Being in the adventurous mood I was in, I wanted to climb up. My parents were reluctant, but I was eager so they followed me up. The climb was scary, but adrenaline kept me going. When we finally reached the top, there was an amazing grassy valley with the creek running through the middle! The valley looked like a green bowl amidst the mountains. And, a glacier on the left side! I was so excited. I ventured over to the glacier, but my parents told me to be cautious and not to walk onto it because there could be crevices under the snow. I bent down, picked up an icy handful and threw it at my mom! This was one of my greatest memories, having a snowball fight in the middle of August. I will never forget that one day in Glacier National Park.

The author's comments:
This experience is very vivid in my memory, and my one of favorite times being outdoors.

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