How do you save Idaho forest?

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

What would you do to save the forest? If I was in charge I would do make a beautiful so more people can come and look at it. What I also do is plant a lot of trees so the forest will be great. I would clean it up when the leaves full. But what I will also do is plant other staff it will be nice. The best way to manage Idaho forest is through preservation.

The first way that I preservation the Idaho forest is to make forest clean-project. Because I think that is great to make a Idaho forest clean-project so I can know what I’m working on when I miss it I can look back.

Next I will do is prevent wild fire so all of the things that I don’t need. I also need to focus on the forest so what I don’t need from the forest I can throw it. Throwing it can make a lot of a mess so I want to use the fire so I can throw it.

The last thing that I want to is to cut one, plant one. I want to cut a plant that is dieing and plant a new one so the forest can stay beautiful. So the people will like it and it will not smell. I can be happy and my workers. I also want to cut the tree so it can be saving. The other good reason why I want to cut one plant one is to my the forest save because if it is a sick tree and I live it is going to smell, and it’s going to some of bacteria so that is why I what to keep the forest save.

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