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May 1, 2009
By Harley BRONZE, Liberty, West Virginia
Harley BRONZE, Liberty, West Virginia
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What do yout think about them kids over there in africa and here in the US starving? Not too mcuh i guess..? There is all kinds of people in this world with money. There is pollution, global warming, and no one cares! It disgusts me! Polar bears goign hungary cause the artic is getting warmer their starting to die. Ducks and birds die from pollution. Liek the other day me and best friend was taking a walk along the river. There was a mommy duck and her babys( like 8) and we seen them over bu the shore sticking their beck into the water where there was 2 full bags of garbage, alcohol bottles. It was nasty as can be. I just really dnt know what to i kinds feel like i want to be super women and i can't cause its awful!

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