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May 22, 2009
By Kealy Rummel BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Kealy Rummel BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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A mind filled with curiosity, a longing to understand outside of my being, so confined to that surrounding me. My mind is trapped in the formalities of a wealthy nation, but what lies beyond? A world so consumed by money and power, my amazement devours me. The love of power has overthrown a sense of morality and ethical decisions. I long to leave this corner and traverse the lands far away, at least enough to enhance my familiarity with cultures so foreign. An airplane will take me there, but my desire will keep me there. Upon arrival my expectations are met and my safety bubble has deteriorated. Languages unknown to me crowd my ears as faces so unaccustomed span the length of my visual field. Anxiety builds up as I am thrown out of my comfort zone and into a world so unfamiliar. Seconds pass, my body relaxes and fills with warmth and anticipation for my journey ahead. Day to day worries are left far behind, as they will do me no good while I am here. My time spent in this far away land is one of contemplation and realization. Lives continue back at home with no regard to what lies beyond our borders, no idea the way in which people live and how it differs so greatly from our traditions. Money has a blind ability to mask fear and trouble, leaving but an oblivious and naïve being to cope with existence. In a sense I feel at home here, familiarity lurks with every passing smile. To learn about the immense amount of similarities we share bridges a gap between the powerful leader and the overlooked wonder. Man is but one; money, power, and status are unable to separate the species. My mind is engulfed with amazement of how one equal could treat another equal when filled with a false sense of superiority. My questions are multiplying; people are passing. A routine must be followed to insure food for the family. Sitting in observation is satisfaction enough, for to fully understand is near to impossible, but to wish to know more is truly a blessing.

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