Dear Mr. Koconis

May 19, 2009
By sarah kirsch SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
sarah kirsch SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear Mr. Koconis,

I am writing to you on behalf of your planned proposal to fill in a portion of a wetland to develop a medical center. While I understand that this specific area is conducive to successful commercial development, I believe that this medical center can be built on another parcel of land that is not so environmentally sensitive.

Wetlands serve many purposes. The most obvious being a diverse habitat for many different species of animals and plants. By filling in 4.5 acres of this area, you would be displacing high numbers of animals and destroying plant life. I realize that you are planning to mitigate the area; however, it can take months or even years for a new wetland to reach the biodiversity of an already existing one. Also, this wetland lies in the Pewaukee River Basin, and one of the many advantages of a wetland is flood control. When water levels get too high, the soil absorbs flood water and incredible amounts of rain making it beneficial to many home and business owners. An additional reason why wetlands are beneficial is that they purify the water that you end up drinking in your very home and recharge aquifers so there’s always a clean source of drinking water.

So you see that even though your property is on the edge of a wetland, and you’re only filling in a small portion, the effects will be quite seriously detrimental to the biodiversity of the area. It may only be 4.5 acres now, but in a few years you may want to develop the land for yet another commercial or industrial use and even more wetland will be at risk. I advise you to think twice before you continue with your proposed developing plans.


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