Insecure Future

May 18, 2009
By Wintersnow SILVER, New Braunfels, Texas
Wintersnow SILVER, New Braunfels, Texas
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"Giving up is not an option. Fight until you can't fight. "

One after the other. One by one. They were gone. All that was left were memories and photos of what used to be there. A now there's nothing but land without form. And without any living organism.

The trees give us air to live, paper, shade, and much more. But what do give them? Do we give them something in return for free. Not only letting them live but actually letting them grow until they die on their own. So why kill them?

Imagine yourself in their place. Feeling the pain when they cut you down. Or the pain of seeing them cut your loved one in front of you. Why do we destroy our self's?

Trees give us air to live. If there was no trees there would be no air. Nor humans.

Realize what is happening in front of you. Realize what we have become. Killers. The killers of our own home. Earth. Remember the first paragraph? That would be our future.

The wind was filled with dirt. A small deer pasted through the sandy ground. His legs began to tremble, finally giving in. He fell to the floor with a loud thud. His lips used to be smooth and silky black but now they were rough and white. He had no water for months. He had searched his way to the river by the forest, but he never found it. His mother and him had separated and now he was alone. he missed his mother. He heart ached with loneliness. His brown eyes closed. In his head he hoped he could at least see his mother one last time. A single salty tear fell form his left eye. When the tear had falled unto the sandy floor. The deer was already dead. He hadn't had his last wish. to his mother one last time.

Did you read that? What do think? would you let that happen? Even to yourself? Maybe the world for once understand the consequences of our actions. Once you think about our dark future not only will you be in danger, but also everyone who lives one earth.

The future I want to see in all the future is this one. The tree was enormous. Some leaves fell to the grassy ground that was filled with flowers. They were a orange color. Autumn had just set. Children of many ages ran around in the shade. Laughs echoed the beautiful forest. A loud river was heard. Sitting in front of it, you could see fish and their heir. Being quiet you could see deer drinking water. The deer looked up. Connecting his eyes with yours. As if seeing things, you saw the small deer smile with those silky black lips. He turned around to his mother.

Secure the future not only for your self but for your loved one. Plant trees and plants. Recycle all you can. Don't use water that you don't need. Just look at you and your secure future ahead. If you do, you will be proud of yourself. And be thankful that you did sacrifices that where so little, but brought you here. To a clean and safe sanctuary.

The author's comments:
I love trees and the fresh air they give us. So, when I wrote this I wrote from my heart. I thought of the unsecure future my loved ones and I would have. Even little things can make a difference. I hope I made something that can be remembered, not only by mind, but also from heart.

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