Changing the Margins

May 7, 2009
By Emily Beckers BRONZE, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Emily Beckers BRONZE, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
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We all know it- we waste paper. Even though we know it we don't say 'OOPS, there goes .012% of a tree!' But it adds up. In 2003 the United States used 89,378,640 trees worth of paper. However if we were all to move teh margins in, we could have saved over 6 million trees!
So why do you care? Doesn't the forest regenerate? It does, but the trees aren't the only thing you could save. For example: They could have saved enough energy to power over 100,000 homes. And they could have saved 256,500,000 dollars.
That's akk that you have to do- click and drag and you get more money. Except that we all are lazy. It's human nature. Nobody will remember, anyway. Another one of the wonderful human traits. to change, is doing a petition to Microsoft to make their default margin to .75 inches. This is the size that these numbers are from.
So you see? It's simple. Anybody could click and drag with the proper motivation. You country as a whole could save $256,500,000. The Earth could get 6 million extra trees. That is motivation enough for me. Now, what about you?

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