The Austrilian Rainforest

April 21, 2009
By Taylor Grimes BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
Taylor Grimes BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
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There are so many different rainforest around the world. But the one that stuck out too me the most was the Australian rainforest. The animals, plants and amazing details stood out to me and caught my attention.
There are plants not known to people in the USA in the rainforest. One of the plants in the rainforest is the ginger. Another plant is the cottonwood. The third plant is the ferms. The last plant is the orchids.
The one thing that stood out the most was the different animals. With 50% being birds, 23% reptiles, 27% being frogs, 37% fish, 60%butterflies, and 21% cycad species. In all there are 8 types of frogs. And about 3 different types of fish. But the type of animals there are most of is the reptile. With about 12 different animals in the reptiles family.
Sickness, one thing no one enjoys. But thanks to the rainforest they have made many medicines to help the problem. There are about 1,5000 different medicines makes in the rainforest. About, the trees found in the rainforest make 750 of them. And a few plants have also made a few medicines. In all about 120% of medicines are from the rainforest.
The rainforest isn’t just about the amazing plants and colors in them. It is about the resources that we get from them. Many of the resources we use everyday are from the rainforest. A few of the resources are paper, foods, medicines and new discoveries.
People think the rain forest is just plants and animals that are no good use to people in the USA.But that is a false statement. The rainforest is an amazing thing. And gives us half of the things that us, Americans have and use every day.
Rain forest is the most beautiful thing made by mankind. And with people destroying them and messing them up is messing with the cycle of life. You should never get in the way of god’s work. He does it for a reason. Don’t let the rainforest’s get destroyed. They mean more then you think. Their life’s, are just as important as yours.

The author's comments:
The reason that I wrote about the Austrilian Rainforest is because it seemed like a interesting thing to learn more facts about. You can never know enough about something that is important. Even if some people don't think that it is.

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