The African Rainforest

April 21, 2009
By Zack Johnson BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
Zack Johnson BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
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The African rainforest is home to many types of plants, animals, and resources. Some of the plants in the rainforest are used in medicines. The Cinchona plant is used as a fever reliever and in tea. The Physostigmine plant is used in cholinest erase inhibitor. The Quinine plant is used as a antimalgrial and antipyretic. The final plant is the Rosy Periwinkle plant and it is used as a diabetic cure.

The rainforest is also home to many trees. The Douglas Fir is used as lumber to build structural applications. The Sitka Spruce isused as timber and paper. The Red Cedar is used as potpourri and mulch. The Sequoia is used for timber and firewood. The final tree , the Redwood, is used for timber and firewood.

The African rainforest gets roughly 9 inches of rain a month. That’s roughly 108 inches a year.

We get many resources from the rainforest. Here are a few of these resources: fruits, vegetables, nuts and oils, tree saps, natural dyes, seeds, medicines, rubber, rattan, coco beans, kola nuts, palm oils, Brazilian nuts, sapayislais and chicle.

The rainforest is home to many animals as well but some of these animals are going extinct. Such as the African Elephant, Great White Egret, and the Mona Monkey just to name a few.

The rainforest is withering down to nothing. Without the rainforest we would lose so many things. We would lose food, medicines, necessities. So ask yourself before you cut down that tree, “Do I really want to be the one to make the human race go into extinction?”

The author's comments:
The reason i chose to write about the rainforest is because of everything we get from the rainforest. We get foods,
medicines, and building supplies. The rainforest is a big part of our world without it we would honestly be lost.

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gwinnjoy177 said...
on Apr. 23 2013 at 8:00 pm
i dont really think any students would " cut down" a tree  


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