May 5, 2009
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People are an interesting topic to study. As humans and creatures of the world, our existence is complicated and questioned by many. Our origin is often debated and our purpose is hypothesized. Humans live in a time of technology and progress. If one considers a human an evolved species from a previous common ancestor, our existence is unique to the world. Out all the organisms of the Earth humans have the capacity to change the world the most. Humans own the atomic weaponry capable of destroying the world more than once and each and every one of our actions has the possibility of leading to a disastrous outcome. Humans do not consider their effect on the world enough. When people eat food, they often do not consider its origin and the energy that went into creating such a thing. Humans often take advantage of the living world without appreciating the beauty of the environment and the wonders of the natural planet. Each year forests are cut down to produce the furniture, the paper etc. to provide for humans. One may consider that humans have the right to use the natural resources but each year humans dispose thousands of tons of waste into garbage dumps, never to be used again. For an intelligent race, we often are not smart enough to realize what we are doing is wrong.

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