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March 4, 2009
By , mattawan, MI
Air pollution is bad for the environment, but not only bad for the environment but for he organisms in the environment. People in the environment that are adding or contributing may be doing many different things to pollute our air. Here are a few of many things that may be contributing pollution to our air.

People that drive cars everyday our hurting our environment, and adding pollutants to our air because the car gives out exhaust from the exhaust pipe. Also if you work n a factory they give out pollutants to our air by their smoke stacks. Many different things come out of the smoke stacks that are harmful to our air. Air conditioners also give off harmful or hurtful things to our air. One thing that would be a good solution is planting more trees. Trees also absorb carbon dioxide so it not only helps our air but if you believe in global warming then it would help that out to.

Here is Another way that we could help out our air or reduce some pollutants that are going into our air. Instead of driving a car you could ride a bike or walk to your destination that you need to reach. We can also stop having pollutants in our air by putting filters on our smoke stacks that are at factories. Also we can try to not use air conditioners and find different ways to create coldness to keep our houses cold.

There are many reasons why people in our environment should be worried about this because if it gets so bad then we will have to start wearing masks so that the pollutants aren't harmful to us and make us sick.

I wrote this letter so I could notify the people in our environment about this issue that we are facing before it's to late.

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