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Most Recent Community Service Articles

Here are the most recent community service articles:

Educating Hope
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I've recently watched a documentary on Shining Hope, a program working to bring education to girls in the poorest slums of Kibera,  Kenya. As mentioned in Shining Hope, educating the many underprivileged girls living in Kiberia means that they... (more »)
Doing the Right Thing
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Volunteering has been my life. I’ve been a missionary kid in the Philippines for as long as I can remember. Our feeding program provides food for kids who are undernourished. I hand out food, take pictures to post for awareness and help... (more »)
Village 50 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Forty of us piled into the back of an old cattle truck. The trip took two hours, but I didn’t mind; the sun was shining, and the breeze felt good. We were heading to the poorest village in the Dominican Republic. This was hard to imagine,... (more »)
Cans for Cancer This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
It was going to be a busy day. I rolled over in bed to savor one last moment of Saturday morning shut-eye. I expected to hear my mom’s chipper voice at any moment, but the faint tapping of April rain on my window stole her reveille and... (more »)
Go Get it Girl
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How many girls in this world fall behind?  How many lack the knowledge, resources, or inspiration to succeed?  The answer is hard- too many to count.  This is why the phrase “Go Get it Girl” popped in my head one day.  This would be my... (more »)
The Power of Giving
I was confused as my aunt escorted me to the kitchen with bustling cooks and servers in ultimate chaos in the Anna’s House in Hadaewon- dong, Korea. My aunt worked as a volunteer for the Anna’s House, a homeless shelter welcoming any... (more »)
Half the Sky
I wasn’t born in America, and I never knew my birth parents.  I can’t even picture their faces.  I was adopted from China at the age of three and a half.  As I grew up, I began to question the world around me, and the identity crisis I... (more »)
Special Friends Are Special People
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When I began my journey of working with the special needs students at my school and in turn creating the Special Friends Club, the last thing on my mind was community service. I knew the minute I started my first day of 6th grade that I wanted... (more »)
One Pet at a Time This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This work has won the Teen Ink contest in its category.
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Tucked away behind numerous trucking companies in Hickory, North Carolina, is my home away from home, my happy place. When my faith in humanity needs to be restored, there really is nothing like coming to this animal shelter. Every year many... (more »)
Relay for Life
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Spring means many things. For some, spring is planting and cleaning. For others, spring is sports or the beginning of the end of school. For me, spring means Relay for Life. Relay for Life is an event in which you stay overnight on your school... (more »)
Empowerment Through Fashion This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Yves Saint Laurent once said, "…fashion (is) not only to make a woman more beautiful but also to give them confidence."  This quote came to life for me when I organized a community service event for young girls called “Empowerment Through... (more »)
A Year With SHADE
As a junior midway through the third quarter of my third year in high school, I can reflect on the time I’ve spent in High School in terms of “Before” and “After.”  Before, I had been a part of many community... (more »)
Baltimore Riots
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Dejay and Tim live in Baltimore, Maryland. They see everything around them going down the drain. People that don’t even live in their town are destroying it, they are looting and burning buildings, and for what because a man was killed.... (more »)
How I Was Affected
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I am part of a group called the antlers and we focus on helping people with disabilities and veterans. I help at canteens which is a dance for people with disabilities such as but not limited to down syndrome. After helping at my third canteen I... (more »)
Inequality is Dead
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                                           Inequality is Dead. *For the White Male Student Whose Parents Make More Than $200,000 a... (more »)
Volunteering at Union Hospital
 My name is Lindsey, I am sixteen years old and I am a volunteer. It's like an AA meeting, right? As soon as you say those four little words, you’re marked for good as a “goody two shoes” “Brown noser” or... (more »)
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