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Here are the most recent community service articles:

Will's Perspective This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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It was the summer going into my senior year of highschool. I was in the city of  Atlanta, Georgia for a church mission trip. We had worked for nearly a week, in dirty environments and with people who had fallen short in life. I’d... (more »)
Service Above Self
By , San Gabriel, CA
So many people take our Earth for granted. They throw their trash where ever they find most convenient, but this is not only our home thousands of other species inhabit this planet. Not only has the land been polluted but in the ocean and as... (more »)
Letter to a Veteran
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Dear Veteran, I hope that you had a great day today! After all you have done for our country, you deserve a day to celebrate yourself. Even though I don’t know you, you are my role model. You, and every veteran, have demonstrated... (more »)
The Girl That Could've Been Me This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“Thank you,” the shy girl whispered as I handed her a plate. I was in shock. That day I was volunteering with my school at a Phoenix soup kitchen called Andre House. We usually go about twice a month and help prepare meals for... (more »)
The Pico de Gallo Fiasco
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“ Welcome! We are so happy to have you again!” Many animated greetings awaited us as we stepped out of the notably crowded school bus. I had never, in fact been there before, but the gestures did relieve some tension. The... (more »)
The Deed
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“Good things happen to good people.”Growing up in a hispanic community this was a commonly used phrase. All my life I wondered how to make this apply to my own life and what being a “good person” actually meant. When... (more »)
Giving Back
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“ I would now ask you all to bow your head, as I will lead in prayer.” As I walked towards my friends, I saw numerous people, of all ages from like from 15 to 50 years old, volunteering. It made my heart melt. Everyone was so... (more »)
A Change in Perspective
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“Thank you, for reading to me”.   That is what a little girl said to me, after I had spent an hour scavenging through heaps of books and reading every book that had the title Star War. Before this, I had never volunteered... (more »)
A Change of Pace
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“You’re short, do you not drink milk?” When I first meet someone, icebreakers involving height are not typically used, but for five-year-old Maddie, orthodox introductions go straight out of the window. Had I not seen her... (more »)
Falling Into Place
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To the extent of my knowledge, walking should be easy when a person is 16 years old and has been practicing for more than a decade. Despite this knowledge, I never seemed to fully grasp the concept, as my clumsiness has influenced my every... (more »)
Pizza on a Rainy Day
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It was a day when the big looming clouds filled the sky with a foreshadowing color of rain when my friend approached me to pass out pizzas to homeless people. This wasn’t planned or anything since it was only the leftovers that... (more »)
Story for a Meal
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Plodding across the vacant, sun-scorched parking lot with a book loaded drawstring bag across my back I had one goal in my mind. A bowl of rice and chicken. The shopping center across the lot from the library was home to dozens of cheap... (more »)
It Is Not Hard
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Don’t ever talk to my like that.” My mentor had just left the room and those were the first words directed towards me by my buddy, Monica. She was a young thirteen year old girl who has spent around 6 months in a prison that... (more »)
Magic? It's Reality!
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“Why did I even volunteer?”I asked myself, hesitantly gazing out of the window at the scenery of countless homeless individuals. Piles of used plastics overflowing stuffed into a Fry’s cart, made me wanna look at it closer, so... (more »)
Passing By Geoff
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“Howdy son.” Geoff had greeted me with what he usually says as I waited for the light to change. The morning was crisp, and I could feel the wind blowing through my thin shirt making me shiver. I hadn’t known much about... (more »)
Feels Good to Help
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The world is huge. It's hard to imagine how many people there are and the situations they are in. I am lucky to be able to live in a house with my family and eat whenever I want. But unfortunately there are people who are not lucky as me... (more »)
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