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Our Distinct Lives

February 9, 2018
By victoria.v BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
victoria.v BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I've seen but I've never understood. Walking into the office made my hands sweaty and heart beat faster than usual, having in mind all of the people I was soon to meet. “Hello, my name is Victoria, I'm here with my West-Mec group to make dinner. I was wondering if you could show me where the kitchen is at?” Right away I was greeted by Susan,

    “Nice to meet you Victoria, please follow me to the kitchen.”

As I followed her I seen a little boy about three years old playing in the small living room that looked like a regular home.
   “So this is our kitchen, please feel welcome to use anything as needed and if you have any questions I will be in the front office.”
   “Thank you, that would be great!” Shortly after my friends got there, we began cleaning up the kitchen to get ready to cook. We took out the dishes, potatoes, cheese, and greens, well anything for a stuffed potato and began chopping everything up to set in bowls for our guests. Once everything was nice and ready we sat in the room full of wooden tables with five chairs each and talked and talked until a few people began to come to dinner. We greeted them with a smile and a “help yourself, the desserts will be ready soon.” We were making funfetti cupcakes with homemade frosting to bring a little joy to their evening. Watching how glad everyone was for having a nice meal, made me feel like I have made a change in someone's life although it was such a small gesture. We were there to create a lovely dinner for individuals that most needed it after long days of being in the hospital. The Ronald Mcdonald House in Arizona welcomed them to stay as needed. It's structured like a regular home. The kitchen is for everyone, its furnished to make them feel welcomed and it provides everyday necessities. Emily, almost two years old-she had a smile that resembled a crescent moon and a laugh that warmed our soul. She sat there with her father enjoying the meal we brought for them. They thanked us and began to explain a little more about their situation. They had came in from another state because Emily's mother was having trouble with her pregnancy.

 “Come play with me!”, Emily asked one of the girls in my group as her father went on with his story. They heard of a really good doctor in Phoenix so they took the chance and moved out here temporarily. Emily and her father would come and get dinner then go back to the hospital where her mother was. This was the life of all of the people that are living there. I had put myself in their shoes and realized that having a child in and out of a hospital limited their fun as a child. Although Emily always had a big smile she must have wanted to frolic around at a playground rather than stay at a hospital all day. Emily's case is not so complex like others. Another two men that came in had a little sister in the hospital. They seemed to be in their early twenties and I felt the distress fall onto me when they walked in to get dinner. I only imagined what it felt to be in such a situation and it was not pleasant. Without their parents and having to take care of their ill sister is a big responsibility considering their age and living conditions. This was something that significantly altered the way I view things in life. By coming to this house, I perceived how generous and open hearted these people were. They were so beholdened and welcoming.  I've always wanted to help others and the Ronald Mcdonald House really showed me how important it is to value everything and everyone you have in your life. This is a place that truly supports and aids these individuals of all ages through their difficult times. Throughout my life I've had a decent way of living so when I heard some of their stories and struggles it opened my eyes and made me feel grateful for everything I've had. A lot of people take things for granted and that's not how one should live their life. Although I have only met them once, Emily and the other individuals deserve the best for having such a great heart. 

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