Fixing Our Streets

May 3, 2017
By samanthahartmann BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
samanthahartmann BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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A problem can be defined as a situation that needs to be dealt with or overcome. People all over the world have to face different problems everyday; however, one problem that the people of Lakeview have to face everyday is the streets. Now, most people think streets are dangerous, but they would not necessarily refer to them as a problem. The exception refers to the streets of Lakeview. These streets are uneven, and they are filled with potholes. Some of these potholes are as wide as tires, and there are usually at least five potholes on each street. These potholes cause problems all throughout the community because they put the people of Lakeview in grave danger. Effects of these potholes include wrecks, casualties, and the sinkage of houses. These incidents, either catastrophic or miniscule, are caused by people trying to drive around potholes. The same problems can be caused when people try to drive over potholes, but instead get stuck in them. This problem started due to massive hurricane that hit New Orleans and caused over half of the city to flood. The streets of Lakeview have been nothing but inconvenient, and it would be wonderful if we, as a community, could overcome this problem, that has burdened our city for many years.

The solution to the problem of uneven streets is simple. To fix the streets, we must fill the potholes and even out the streets. The only way this will get done is with the help of the city council. We need to hire workers to go to the Lakeview area and start to level out the streets. This needs to be done section by section. Even though this process may take a while, it will be the most effective way to fix the streets without having to block off roads completely.  If we completely block the roads, the people of Lakeview will not be able to get to where they need to go, which would cause more chaos and frustration. I suggest that we determine how big the sections will be by determining the busyness of each section. For example, we do not want to block off the busiest streets for a long time, so they will be sectioned off in portions.  For the less crowded areas, a wider portion can be sectioned off. The larger a section is the more time it will take to finish leveling the streets. Some streets will require almost complete reconstruction and others will just need some dirt or cement to be poured in a single pothole. This solution will fix the problem, be efficient, and will not be too costly when it comes down to a budget.

The solution of hiring workers to level out the streets will improve the current situation because it will make traveling around the city ten times easier than before. It will also increase the safety of the citizens of Lakeview by a tremendous amount. The number of accidents and wrecks will definitely decrease due to the lack of potholes in the roads. Another benefit of the streets being fixed is the way it will improve driver’s education in the area. I speak from personal experience when I say that learning to drive while dodging potholes every five seconds is rather difficult. Fixing the streets will increase traffic flow and will make any trip in the Lakeview area much smoother. It will increase the comfort of driving or riding in a vehicle, because the driver will not be hitting bumps every time they hit the gas. The problem of the streets of Lakeview has gone on long enough, and we need to come together as a community and fix our streets.

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