Step forward

March 25, 2017
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If you have the spirit to fight, then you can win. Those who are losers, those who are fearful, those who are cowards. Wake up. Wake up and step forward. You can change the world. If you can’t fight against thousands find one against whom you can fight.

When u want to do something, choose the toughest one, tougher than the toughest.

When we don’t find those which are not around us we think that our luck is bad. And when we find them around us we think our luck is good. Actually, it was you for which your luck was good.

The work which makes you good from inside is a good deed. And the work that makes you weak from inside, all that are bad deeds. When u cant fulfill the commitments given to you by yourself , how can u fulfill the commitments given to others by you?

Whats the most important thing in ur life to step advance? That is you have to develop yorself in your respect. And The ones who can develop themselves with respect to themself, they are already developed with respect to the world.

The thing that you want to do, let the work gives you a lot of pain , you have to make ur mind to accept the pain. Then you can do the work.

If there is something in this world that you want to do from the core of your heart, and if anyone, a single person is doing the work then why can’t you?

The one whose desire is big , his success is also that much bigger. Then, if you want to be out of the game, you cannot until you run away from the game.

Just say from the core of your heart,“I want to do something. I want to do something and I want to do something. I want to something till i can do the thing."

Step forward. Cause, now it’s your turn to do something. And you can do it. Don’t let failure stand in your way of success.

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