Why Do I Volunteer?

March 21, 2017
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Why Do I Volunteer?

Who wastes their time volunteering for the community? Well, that's what I used to think. I don't go above and beyond what anyone else does to volunteer, but I can gladly admit to the satisfaction I feel from it. Key Club is the organization that I contribute my time to. Being a part of this club has broadened my horizons to an aspect of community I never even knew existed. Due to this, I think if there was a greater number of volunteers in the world, the impact would have dramatic effects. I have a feeling that many other high school students can't fathom the idea of giving their time to a cause and receiving nothing in return.
It was during the spring of my ninth grade school year when I decided I wanted to participate in another activity besides the sports I was currently in. Lucky for me, Key Club ended up being the perfect fit. Key Club is a high school organization that offers support to numerous groups of the community. We participate in a variety of projects year-round. Whether it be sorting books for the AAUW (American Association of University Women) or wrapping Christmas presents for families in need, the size of the project can vary. Members are required to fulfill fifty hours of community service. Ten of these hours are allowed to be done separately from the club. As a high school athlete, I can vouch for the fact that there is time to go beyond sports and be an active member of a club.
One of the projects I appreciate volunteering for the most is College for Kids. This takes place in the summer at the Community College in our town. Children sign up for classes that are more relaxed and fun than they would be at school. Our job is to direct the kids to each class, help out in classrooms, and prepare their snacks and lunches. The reason this project is so meaningful to me is because I love working with kids. An opportunity for me to connect with children is so beneficial since I hope to pursue a career that involves interaction with younger age groups. Volunteering could provide a chance to advance in your future plans.
Meeting new people is an important aspect of life. In order to be successful, we need to acquire the skills of a person who is outgoing and approachable. I have met people while volunteering that I never would've known if it weren't for the time I contribute to the community. I learned how to open up and listen to the advice given from everyone around me.
The most rewarding feeling is seeing how appreciative people are of your help. Simple acts of kindness should be a regular aspect of society. In my opinion, volunteering is like helping your parents around the house. Giving back while expecting nothing in return is a genuine characteristic.
My future plans are extremely important to me. I want to be successful in my schooling and my work. Volunteering will aid me in my future for multiple reasons. When it comes time for me to fill out a resume, I will be able to write down the amount of hours I contributed to the community. I just might land a job because of this. Sometimes scholarships are given out to students for being involved in clubs and organizations. As I volunteer, I am making connections with many kinds of people. New experiences are being presented to me, and I can use that to my advantage.
The AAUW Book Sale benefits all ages of the community. The women in charge of this collect used and donated books all year, and once the sale comes around, they sell them. Two dollars is the average price of the books. Just about every genre you could think of is there. These women collect thousands of dollars that are donated and used for scholarships. Key Club helps set up books the week before the sale takes place. My favorite part of working this sale is that the ladies are so thankful for your help. I receive various amounts of gratitude from many women I have never known. They never fail to thank us for our time spent helping them.
how can I convince you to volunteer? Well, that is an easy answer. I can't. You are the one to decide if it is worth your while. The most I can do is explain how rewarding helping others is to me. I enjoy volunteering so much because I believe it has a positive impact on the world, and it brings out the best in our society. What more can we ask for in a time where life is filled with negativity? One action can go a long way.

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