Community Service

March 14, 2017

In today’s society there are many ways to come together as a unit and help renovate our community in a positive way. Throughout my lifetime I have witnessed and participated in many events to help send our community upright. There have been many different organizations I have participated in and also have helped me reflect on the good I did.


 I am currently a freshman at at a Catholic high school. I am obviously catholic and growing up I have received sacraments. In the 7th grade we started our journey to receive confirmation. From there they assigned us to do at minimum 20 hours of community service. When I first heard this task I was somewhat bummed because I have never done service before, but little did I know this would have a tremendous impact in my life. I donated my time to various Church festivals and I found enjoyment within them. Helping my church community gave me this mindset that instead of wasting my free time doing nothing I could be out making the world a better place. My 7th and 8th grade year I finished all of my “confirmation hours” from there the grind did not stop. When I applied for high school they requested every student to have 25 hours. I completed all of my hours the summer before school started, at a church bible vacation camp for K-6. This had to be one of my favorite experiences for community services. It was a learning leadership development because I was assigned a group of younger children to help guide throughout the week. At this event I had been accompanied by many of my classmates and it was a pleasurable experience to lead the camp along with my friends.

I have completed over 50 hours of community service before the school year has even ended. The Catholic Church has helped form me into an active Christian by giving me the boost to go out into our community of need. Some examples of events I have participated in are volunteering to feed the homeless during the holiday times, church activities and also after school activities. These events I have participated in have truly guides my life in direction of light.

Doing and completing community service helps build character in many positive, effective ways. Throughout my life I hope to continue the Deeds I have done in my past and many more to come.

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