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September 27, 2016
By HappyPal BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
HappyPal BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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I am a senior and I attend extra-curricular events such as football games, dances, pep rallies, talent shows, etc. I have helped my community in many ways, not only by being a good student but by being a PAL. My junior year, I signed up for a program called PALS which is an organization that helps many students in the district with school work, outside of school problems and as well as being there for them as a pal. During my first year as a pal, I have witnessed many life experiences such as being an active listener, developing skills, providing guidance, setting goals, and using appropriate words and attitude towards kids. The first time being with my pales, I started off being scared, scared that they would not like me or not being good enough for them to make a difference. As the school year went, my experiences increased as well as my attitude towards myself, as in becoming more confident in myself. Towards the end of junior year, I noticed that being in PALS has made a big impact in my life as well as the kids that I have helped. I created a connection, a bond with my kids that I will never forget because it has made me who I am today. I helped with math, writing, and have taught them manners as I accompany them in their lunches as well as in their classrooms which with my appearance, I have also helped the classmates of my kids. I have not only helped students but I have also helped Special- Ed students. I helped with their needs such as teaching them how to do things they need in their daily life. Not only did the kids learn but I, myself did too. I learned ASL in order to be able to help Special-Ed kids that cannot speak. Being in PALS is not just helping kids in school, it is also about volunteering. I have attended many volunteering events, such as mud runs, retired teachers garage sales, have read to many kids, attended field days, and have been part of Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is a program that helps students realize that the education they are getting today will help them have a bright future. We teach students that they can choose their own different path as they grow. For this organization, every PAL gets a certain subject, a topic that we, the PALS teach a class. We give them lessons to do such as math problems, thinking problems, and fun learning assignments. Within the lessons, we communicate in a proper educational way to spread critical thinking in order for the students to learn. We use correct manners like a teacher would, as well as asking them question to open their minds to think in different ways.  My volunteering experiences has made a major impact in many schools, by helping with education that not many kids can get. I have helped kids that their parents cannot afford to buy books, and for that, PALS has volunteered at events to earn money to purchase books for us to give out and to read to kids. I have also donated gifts for kids that do not have clothes, food, school supplies and toys. My class, PALS, has donated many supplies in those in need. I believe that by simply helping out can make a huge impact and that is why I have joined PALS, to reach to many students that need help in school and to make many kids smile. As my senior year is starting, I will continue to be part of this program and will continue to help my community and those in need.

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I am about to start my 2nd year in PALS and I will like to be a physical therapist for special ed kids. 

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