How I Can Help My Community

April 30, 2014
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What can I do to help my community? In my community there are many service activities I can get involved in weather its community service or feeding the poor with the PB&J ministry. I am only in my teen years so I have lots of clothes that I got but never wore, or clothes that I have grown out of so I think another thing that I can do in my community is collect and donate food or clothes. Since I don’t have a job some more ideas for teens my age are, some people less fortunate in the higher crime areas or kids whose parents can’t find work can struggle to get the food they need to survive so we have two places that help those people that I can volunteer my free time at, they are called Forgotten Harvest and Gleaners, and those places go out to places that are just going to throw out perfectly edible food that those less fortunate people can’t afford to buy themselves and then they sort out all the non-edible food and throw that out, and the rest of the food is packaged and sent out to those people in need so just by volunteering for 2 hours of your time can make a direct impact on your community and people around you. The PB&J ministry goes out and makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for homeless or poor people so by joining them and helping serve them food you can help keep them from starving and keep them healthy. Even though these few ideas may seem small they are helping lots of people in my community very quickly.

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