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March 26, 2014
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A couple of years ago, I volunteered at a food pantry not far from where I live. The food pantry was where people that are struggling with financial reasoning could go and get groceries if they qualified. This experience changed my perspective of how I viewed myself as a person. With all the helping of people that are less fortunate then me makes me feel proud that I have the opportunity to help them. Working at the pantry consisted of stocking shelves, bagging the groceries, answering questions that the people there to get groceries have, and also helping the people with the groceries to their cars so there isn't easy tasks. This helped get me out of the house and doing something productive that is highly appreciated by others. It would be great to see our country, in a near future, volunteering like I did. Helping the less fortunate would be highly appreciated and a great way to boost your self-esteem. It seems that our modern society is self-centered and greedy not spend time volunteering but is helping themselves and not pitching in to help others. Maybe companies could take time off their work to squeeze in volunteering into their schedules. Even if that doesn't happen, there is always room for

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