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February 3, 2014
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“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” This quote by Peter Drucker explains to us how a successful “business man” should go about a new business enterprise. If one of my relatives left me $250,000 in his or her will to use as a seed for a new business enterprise in The Center’s 45-county service territories, the first thing I would do is search for change. Just as the quote says after you find the change you think needs to be made, exploit it as a business opportunity. As I have taken a look at the changes I feel needs to be made in the business industry as a consumer, I have found the one area I would take this money and use as a new business opportunity. I would take this $250,000 and use these funds as a seed for a pediatric medical treatment facility. This would serve The Center’s 45-county service area well because the growing number of people with insurance is requiring more care. The closest pediatric care is in Louisville, Ky., and this is inconvenient for many people. This would bring a large asset to The Center’s service area by providing a large service.
As most of us know this year “Obama Care” has granted insurance to many uninsured Americans. This is causing a high demand for more healthcare. A post on CNN Money says, “Granting health benefits to 37 million uninsured Americans will inflate demand for doctors.” I find that this has become more than true for many people in The Center’s surrounding areas. I find that as an insured American it is almost impossible to get a doctor’s visit in my own hometown. Two years ago this was not the case. A pediatric medical treatment facility is in even higher demand, whether it is a hospital or doctor’s office. They are few and far between, booking almost a week in advance to even get a chance at getting an appointment. The demand is only continuing to go up as more and more people find they are eligible for healthcare. As I first said, the first step in a successful business enterprise is finding the need of the consumers, which we can see is very evident here.
How many times have you had to make a doctor’s appointment and drive an hour or two hours just to be able to find that specific doctor? I find this to be an issue many times with my younger family members. This all goes back to smart business enterprise, what is the need of the consumers? The closest pediatric care is at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Ky. Lots of people in The Center’s surrounding areas find it hard to make the drive to Kosair and if they had a closer facility it would be highly used. By using this inherited money as a seed for this business enterprise, you could that people would utilize this facility by being closer to The Center’s surrounding counties. In the end, if we go back to the original quote we see one specific detail. That is when you see a change that needs to be made, exploit it as an opportunity.

We see in many circumstances where that someone has fulfilled a need when seeding a new business enterprise and has become very successful. A pediatric treatment facility would add a tremendous amount of traffic through The Center’s surrounding areas. This “new traffic” attracts not only more people to this treatment facility but to the area as a whole. With a need being fulfilled in the area, I think we would find that this area would become a more well known, successful area of Ky., and grow in ways we may never have thought. This is a crucial way our enterprise could even grow this area!

In conclusion, if I had $250,000 to use to seed a new business enterprise through The Center, I would take my knowledge of looking at the needs to be filled. Through looking at the needs, I would seed a pediatric treatment facility, servicing a strong successful need through The Center, building and growing the center’s 45-county service area.

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