Community Service In Action

December 19, 2013
By tori1431 BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
tori1431 BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
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"Community service is something that needs to be done", according to The Dalton School. Community service has a lot to offer, especially for the younger generations. It not only helps the community, but the students participating. As well, community service needs to be a requirement that all high school students need to meet before graduation.

When high school students get involved in community service, they are not only improving themselves, but also the lives within the community. As said in "Community Service Mission Statement", community service builds a strong moral center. Students in high school need moral centers to guide them to realize the importances in life and structure who they are and who they will become. Even though students may feel like they are being forced to do community service, there is reasoning behind it all. It can help the students to open their eyes and realize what it takes to be part of a community and what it takes to keep the community functioning.

"From Youth Attitudes towards Civic Education and Community Service Requirements" cites that the older we get, the more community service makes sense, so the younger we expose the students to volunteer their time for a good purpose, the sooner they will realize its importance. Work ethics is a moral that comes along with community service. It shows great character in a person. Don't students want to feel like they are worth something? Also, community service brings a sense of accomplishment (For Personal Enrichment). After the sense of accomplishment, comes an optimistic view on life. It gives the students a perspective that the world can change because of what they did and what they further can do.

Some people say that school is for educational purposes only and they do not want to waste their time when they are busy with school work. On the contrary, community service is educational. It teaches responsibility and empathy for other citizens.

No one ever said that the students had to volunteer all their time to community service, it is the thought and consideration that counts. It is the character built inside them after they have accomplished their community service that counts. If nothing at all, it looks great on a college application.

In conclusion, community service will always have a lot to offer. No matter the point of view you are looking from, anybody can benefit from community service, but in this circumstance, we are looking at high school students-the younger generation, because their work ethics and morals are still developing. Every student wants to feel like they are worth something. Why not use community service to prove that point even further than it already is?

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