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Missions Trip To Mexico

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In the beginning of October I was extremely grateful to have gone on a missions trip to Sonoyta, Mexico. This was the second time going with Love Gospel Church. I was so highly impacted the first time going, I just had to take up on the offer another time! Going on this trip made me realize all the blessings I’ve been given and how I shouldn’t take for granted the little things in life.

As soon as we arrived in Mexico, we were taken to a local church and a pastor prayed for us so that we may go out and evangelize door to door. I was put in a group with three others and we prayed for people’s need as well as fed those who were starving. Sadly, there was a number of families, children, and even animals that had gone without food for quite some time. It was so heartwarming to have given these people a chance of hope through such great love and humbleness. Even a simple act of smiling at a stranger was able to highlight their day, as well as mine. I will also never forget the excitement on the children’s faces as we offered them a handful of treats. It is moments such as these that completely change your life and soften your heart.

The different life lessons I’ve learned mainly consisted of just appreciating everything that has been put in my life. After I became aware of what true poverty was, I began to realize everything I have taken for granted. Necessities such as my education, water, food and even the clothes on my back were all things that these people in Sonyta had to live without. Luckily, for an entire day I was able to meet several families and reveal empathy towards their struggle by sharing a message of love and boxes of food. Another life lesson I learned was that if I want to seek change in this world. I have to become that change. Therefore, I’ve made it a life goal to love others just the way God loves me! No more sitting back and mourning over the horrific situations taking place in our world today. Instead, I’m going to try and achieve a positive change through the works God will call on me to do.
This one day missions trip has been a little glimpse of what's to come in the future. I hope to travel nations and preach of love and hope to the less fortunate. I honestly believe that if you’re going to take part in any community service activity, make sure that the service you’re taking part of actually impacts and moves you. It’s the experience of helping others that is truly to be gained, not just the hours that are recorded or the recognition you receive. The greatest gift you can receive from volunteering your time in helping others is knowing that a life was impacted.

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