Simple Things to Bright Dreams

December 2, 2013
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They hand me all their unwanted playthings
Busted and abused from sentimental years of joy
All they see is broken plastic and porcelain without worth
They give away the toys while keeping the precious memories
Instead of trash, I find an abundance of hope
Dreams yearning to be filled
So I take these castaways, dolls and raggedy bears
Pull them into my little shop
I want these trinkets to put smiles on innocent sweet faces once more
I aspire to give sad lives laughter again
With my steady hands I take in the old baubles
Adding spiff and shine, new purpose rising up
Dust filling the air as I scrape them down to their very core
Eyes alight with a target in mind; I make them new again
Then, when all is done, I gather the renewed renegades
Bring them delicately into a battered pack
With that, I carry them towards those in need
Moving with purpose, I bring them inside
Watch small grins draw wide with recognition
And then from my parcel I bring out the toys, new and bright
Passing them from hand to hand
Hope spreading anew along the tiny faces
Their joy and laughter brings me to smile
Because I know, they can believe in something better
And aspire to dream once more

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