Giving Back

August 23, 2013
For the past few weeks I had friends of mine ask me why I like doing community service. Being in a private school, I have to reach 5 hours of community service a week. At first I thought that was insane. I did not want to do it. After a while I thought and thought about it. Community service is a chance for people to give back to anyone. Anyone meaning helping someone with homework, or helping someone pack up their house, or maybe helping someone clean. Community service is good for many people. I love giving back to people. I love helping people. So community service is not as bad as people think it is. Community service is a small thing that anyone can do. I think it would be great if no matter what or no matter how busy you are just try to give back to people. It will make them feel good, and it will also make you feel good also. Community service is something that helps everyone so just think outside the box, and see how you can make someone happy.

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