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March 23, 2013
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One time that I felt like I did something good for the world instead of using my time for myself would be when I wrote to kids with terminal diseases. Getting the addresses and basic information from, I spent five hours making cards and gifts to the children from all over North America. Just sending a quick letter for them to feel better was like the best thing in the world for them. I felt incredibly good when I took a trip to the post office and dropped them off. While I was born with a gold spoon in my mouth, it really just made me reflect on how lucky I actually was, and to be thankful everyday that I am here on this Earth healthy. It made me realize that even simple gestures in my every day life could mean the world to someone. Whether it is holding open a door for an elderly lady, or making a braided bracelet for John in California who has AIDS, we should always take those opportunities to be nice to other people, even if we aren't actually in a giving mood.

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