Meeting Sweet Samantha

March 8, 2013
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“I’m afraid they won’t like me.” My twin sister anxiously said.

Don’t worry. I’m scared too. You just gotta wait and see.” I replied.
“Hopefully I don’t get a naughty kid.”

I saw the children wait outside impatiently. Having their faces against the polished glass. And then I reflect, “Where are their parents?” I,. then, perceive they need a shelter to stay at in order to keep up with their normal lifestyle. They need a bed to sleep in, food to devour, and drink water to hydrate them. It was a chilly November night at the shelter; my teacher, Mrs. Green, took a gathering of students to read with little children.

“Hello there. My name is Samantha. Nice to meet you!” A young pale girl with blonde wavy locks walks towards me with her deep blue eyes. She surprised me with her energetic attitude which consumed the atmosphere. She seemed ecstatic to read with me. The kid had eager hands outstretched towards the books lain on the table, practically hopping out of her seat, and had an ear-to-ear grin displayed across her face.

“Hey, Samantha. It’s very nice to meet you too. My name’s Fiderica. What book would you like to read?” My heart was thumping against my chest rapidly. I’ve never done this before. Little kids tend to scare me with their unexpected behavior like outbursts of cries, greediness of wanting things, and screaming most of the time. But this girl came up to me with her glowing smile like her shimmery, silver, size two boots. She picked The Color Red book, and began to read the easy lines describing red of everything.

“Are you listening?” she commanded.

I nodded with a smile.

“Good because I want to show you I can read BIG words!”

I contently listened to every book she read, I was very impressed. That moment made me proud of Sam because she was about nine years old. Her ability to read showed me she is ostentatious of her intelligence at her age.

“HAHA!” she chuckled loudly at the pop out animations of animals in the jungle.

All of a sudden, the lights turned off. Sam grabbed a hold of my arm urgently. I had a somewhat sentinel feeling to defend my new diminutive friend. The room devoured the entire place with its blackness and noiseless silent. Then, the lights brightly shot back on, and Sam looked up at me with her serene, innocent, and tranquil eyes.

Seeing other kids squeal with anticipation with their parents to read exposes their bliss. After an hour and a half later, the humming and buzzing of voices stopped. Samantha groaned, “NO! I don’t want you to leave.” She wanted to continue our moment together. I felt pleased and loved. My palms sweated when I heard this because I honestly felt a bond between us.

As my group and I said our goodbyes, I hugged tiny Samantha, and smiled at her one last time before I left.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I told my sister.

“That was some experience. Those little kids were so adorable!”

“I can’t wat till next time.” I responded.

Going home, I thought of how I made one person engulf with joy just by reading! I guess the little things does matter. Going to “Read 2 Me” taught me to appreciate what I have in life and the people in it. I won’t forget my sweet reading buddy, Samantha.

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