Finding Someone Who Does Good: Harder Than You Think?

March 5, 2013
By ANN97 PLATINUM, Palatine, Illinois
ANN97 PLATINUM, Palatine, Illinois
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I am surprised by how many people say they want to help and do something good. It seems so wonderful when you hear what they would like to do for the good of others or the environment. Unfortunately,rarely do people actually turn these ideas into actions. So many people create excuses as to why they can't instead of just going out and doing it. There's the common excuse, "I can never seem to find the time". What is so different about you? No one can "find" the time, if you like something enough you make time for it. So many people seem like philanthropists on the surface, but they usually aren't. Even if they do go out and help the community, a majority of them do it just to get recognition or to get into college. Few people do community service for the real reason it was set up: to help others. So, when I see someone who gives a lot of their time to help a good cause and is modest about it, I try to praise them. It's very rare to find someone like that.

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