Dancing Your Way Into Helping Your Community

January 7, 2013
Dance is a way of life. Do you agree? It is a sport to express yourself and anyone or anything around you. I love that feeling when you put forward the effort or emotion to a dance. Over the pass five years I've danced at a local studio. The one teacher I look up to is my teacher for almost all the classes I take there. Her name remains anonymous. She mentioned once or twice about the little kids ballet class she might of needed help with. Of course when their was an opportunity to help i graciously and willingly volunteered to help out.

She told me all the details and steps the kids needed to learn. She even let me teach a class by my self! Helping out toward your community is never a bad thing, in fact it is a great thing. This shows that helping out in your community and doing something you love isn't always bad. It helped me meet 20 little new friends that share a common interest with me (Dance), and helps someone in need. rather it be a necessity or simply help in a job. Every moment counts.

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