Inn Of The Good Shepherd: Round 2

November 29, 2012
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This is my second year helping serve the homeless at the Inn of the Good Shepherd! We were encouraged to bake or buy some sweets, and bring them to the Inn. Almost a quarter of my class brought something. This experience has touched my heart. A lot of people are greedy. You want, want, want. These people I met, need, need, need. Some things we take for granted, could be useful in the less fortunate people’s lives! Those leftover crumbs of your food that you throw in the garbage, could be someone’s next meal. There are so many people who come to the Inn. I went up and talked to this little lady, and just started a conversation. She was smiling the whole time. She told me about her life, what was happening with her life, and even her childhood! It filled my heart with joy. As I was walking away to go back to the kitchen and help my class, she hollered across the room saying, “Thank you, dear! I appreciate you taking your time to talk to me!”
That meant a lot to me. It made me smile. You don’t understand what these people go through. The next time you see someone who is struggling, take time out of your schedule to help them. It makes a BIG difference, and they won’t forget it.
We go to the Inn at least two times a year. So, I still have one more chance to shine! I can’t wait until next time. I know God would be proud of my whole class. They were shining for God! Can’t wait until next time!

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