Community Service

May 23, 2012
By Whitney Moss BRONZE, Provo, Utah
Whitney Moss BRONZE, Provo, Utah
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Helping people not only helps others but also yourself. People that do persistent swervice do a good deed without others knowing it. The feeling after helping someone makes you feel like a better person inside and out. Service helps in multiple ways, for instance, in turns into a Win Win solution for the person you are helping and aslo presents life lessons towards yourself. Service makes yothers feel important whcich creates a giant ripple effect that others can look upon and realize what a good deed is being done.

During the summer I had a great opportunity to be able to attend a camp called BBY which means, “Be the Best You.” Through this experience we learned the importance of service and how it can affect lives. Each day we had a service project, for example, on the first day we had dinner with the elderly and just got to know them. The secound projeect was my favorite. We threw this huge princess party with the special needs kids. We also made cookies, wands, tiaras and danced. Everyone felt the love and affection for them. At the end of that day, nobody looked at them as us helping them; it was as if they helped us to realize life is full of excitement and not just money and what you have.

Serving, loving and caring for other people has made me a different person in an unbelievable way. You often regret treating someone rude but you rarely regret doing service for another. I have also taken the time to realize that if you have a positive look on life, you enjoy it, as well as have the urge to repetitively want to do service again.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write this to show that with community service, it really makes a great impact in the world. Even if it is those little things you do, it makes a difference.

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