To Bring a Smile

May 22, 2012
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Volunteering is a hard thing to do. It is hard for lots of people because they are not getting paid to do work. Volunteering can be easy or hard but there is always a way to make it fun. One of the most fun volunteering I have done is mission trips at towns that are having hard times. Mission trips are a good way to help a community and put smiles on faces. We like to put smiles on kids, adults, and grandparents.

When we help kids they are so happy to see us. There are many things we can do to brighten their day. The most enjoyable thing is to just play with them. It brings smiles to their faces. Seeing them smile makes it seem like you changed the world.

We also bring those smiles to adults. The littlest things can help the poor communities. Whether it is fixing a door, or painting a store. They appreciate everything whether it is a small or large job. A lot of these towns just can’t afford a can of paint or a tool set. Therefore when you go and get those things it makes a smile come out of their face.

You can also get a smile out of grandpa’s and grandma’s. The simplest tasks like weeding a garden make them so happy. They love their flowers. When there are no weeds in them it makes them even happier.

Now you know that when volunteering is done it affects all parts of the community. Remember if you do not get a smile out of them you did not do enough. It is not hard to get smiles you just have to work for it. It is a challenge. I dare you to take the challenge and win.

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