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May 21, 2012
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When I was a little girl my mom and dad use to read me books everyday. I would go to my bookshelf and pick out at least twenty books to have my parents read to me. This was one of my best childhood memories, but some children never get this experience. Books For Africa is a non-profit organization, that sends books to children in third world countries. What Books For Africa do is sort, pack, and send.
The first thing Books For Africa needs are books of course! The books come from donations. These donations come from schools, people, and private organizations. The books are either new or used. They accept all types of books. Next Books For Africa gets volunteers to help sort the books. The volunteers sort the books by type and kind.Next come packing the books.
Volunteers pack all of the books that go out of the warehouse. The books get packed into boxes, about ten books fit into one box. The volunteers put all the boxes on top of each other, It forms a huge pile of boxes full of books! Then they wrap all of the boxes in saran wrap. I helped pack the books. It was a really inspiring experience. I knew when I was packing these books were going to people who really needed them. Next comes sending the books.
First Books For Africa packs all the books onto a semi-truck to go to the airport. Once the books arrive at the airport, they all get boarded onto a plane. The books fly to the third world countries. People in the countries unload the books and enjoy them.
Before that childhood memory only happened to some, now Books For Africa is trying to spread childhood memories for everyone even the people in third world countries. So instead of throwing those unused books away, donate them and give another child a memory that will last forever.

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