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March 30, 2012
By Cam2014 BRONZE, Trophy Club, Texas
Cam2014 BRONZE, Trophy Club, Texas
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Community Service

I find that community service is the noble action towards helping society. It gives me a great deal of self-accomplishment and peace of mind knowing that I have made a positive difference in my community. If we banded together to acquire a greater workforce, then the difficulty of making a difference is weakened.

Every Saturday morning in the summer, instead of watching cartoons or sleeping in, I would donate my time to my local senior center. Now I know what most teenagers think when it comes to “old people”; boring, smelly, and almost dead. Sadly most of this is true, but I have found out first hand that they are people too! Each morning around 9 I would read to the elderly. Quite honestly I think they gave me less than their undivided attention. Half of them would be talking to each other as I read, and the rest would be (hopefully) fast asleep in their wheelchairs. It scared me because some of them wouldn’t be moving for most of the 30 minutes. It always gave me relief to see them waking for their early lunch just so I know that I didn’t “read them to death”.

In conclusion, spending time with the elderly helped me discover new ideas towards life. Instead of waiting to do something, go do it! Help out others in your community! Have fun and live life to the fullest! I honestly hate the idea of becoming “old”, and I’m only 16! So I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t hold anything back in life and do what you want while you can; because one day you’ll be stuck in a smelly rest home with a stupid teenager giving their narration on the latest heated romance novels.

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