Serving for a Good Cause

February 10, 2012
In the interact club, many hours have been completed since my freshmen years. This year I have also accomplished other community service hours in different places. The place I most frequently visited this year is at St. Vinnys. This year, I have participated in two different occasions to which I have enjoyed tremendously. The first time I visited, I was at the loading/unloading dock separating items into different categories. Also, while we worked, we listened to music and before leaving we danced along with Ms. Coronado. There where bizarre objects people donated, objects I would have never imaged people donated. An example of this was how often people donated old records; there were boxes full of them. I saw white yarn that was donated and it was amazing because it was so soft that it felt like cotton candy. The best part about working at the dock was how everyone was cooperating and having fun while serving good to our community. I went back to St. Vinneys and two weeks later to do a different job out of the many. When we got there, our school group was divided into different stations all around the area. I was assigned to categorize diapers by size and age group. The purpose into separating them was because they were going to be donated to mothers who needed them for their children. It was going to be one of the busiest jobs that were there. Our group had to see the mother and their child before handing some dippers. Once the workers saw how many people had arrived, they unfortunately canceled it because they obviously knew that it was going to be an exhausting job. I was shocked to hear one of the workers say how she had never seen so many people there before in one night! Instead I was assigned to hand out bathroom passes to those who needed it and also write children’s names on the name tag that was provided by St. Vinneys. Once their names were on the name tags, we were supposed to help them if they needed assistance putting it on. The purpose of doing this was because in a room near us, there was an adult telling a story to different groups of kids and helping them creates their own snow flake. The name tag was necessary in order to tell them apart and help them with their current activity. Later, I decided to help my friends take out the garbage, it smelled really gross because of the bags opened and food got out. It was fun but I did not enjoy the scent. Visiting St. Vinneys was a magnificent experience for me. At the end of the day, I was overwhelmed knowing that I had helped my community. I look forward to returning to St. Vinneys and participating in a different job.

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