Waste of Time

February 10, 2012
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“What do I need to do?” My words came with anger and annoyance! I had no idea why I was acting this way. I guess I was being a spoiled teenager. I did not see the reason for having to help the homeless. What had they ever done for me? As far as I knew they were a burden in society they were the roaches that manifested everything wrong in the world. They were the ones at fault for being in that position. Before I walked into the church, I saw a variety of different people assembled together to obtain basic necessities to help them get through the Thanksgiving weekend. The church was decorated from top to bottom and the smell of the food aroused flies from miles away. At first just old men and women entered the establishment. They could barely get through the door. Their clothing, full of holes, reeked and took me out of my comfort zone.

As more and more individuals passed by, I aided them as if they were my brothers. Later in the day, my uncle sent me to the kitchen in order to help prepare the meals. I saw how the meals were prepared with such care and precision as if they were going to consume the meals themselves. I began to fill cups with water and juice. Suddenly, my face of anger and annoyance was fading, and a small smile overcame my face. The time to serve meals had come, and I had to serve the turkey legs. Many people with smiling faces thanked me and sat down to enjoy their meal. Many of them had not had a good meal in almost an entire week. This was a gift sent from above that filled them with joy and filled their stomachs. Standing in the middle of the church looking at all these people made me realize how lucky I was. I realized I had an easy life with little to worry about. I hardly worked and attended a high-quality school. The homeless people were not homeless by choice or because they were lazy. They have had difficulties all their lives that scare and render them useless in their own minds. Many people around the world suffer this dilemma and we all need to help. As I was thinking about how ignorant I had been, I felt guilty and mad at myself. How could I have spoken so poorly about these the homeless? The guilt inside tore me apart even the walls hissed at me, for I had committed a sin that made me look like an idiot in the eyes of my family and God. More and more people flooded into the church, and I gladly assisted in any way possible in order to make their stay more welcoming. With a little help they could accommodate themselves into society and prosper just like the rest of us. If my parents had not forced me to do the service I would have never learned this valuable life lesson. I appreciate all I have and am willing to give more to my community.

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