A Yearning Love for Children

February 10, 2012
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“Naomi, Naomi,” said a small squealing voice. There was tug at my shirt as I sorted out coloring pages. I turned around and had to look down to glance at my little friend, Elijah.

This occurred at my church. It was this summer of 2011, and it was a vacation bible school. I remember it was a hot and an agitating day. We had already been going to camp for two days. Thank fully everything was indoors. The camp was a place where a variety of children could come to spend time learning of the Bible and how it felt going to church. It allowed them to interact with several other young kids much like themselves. There are about 250 children that register to attend every year. The coordinators were in need of volunteers who were willing to take about four hours out of their day to volunteer and assist in helping the kids for a week. I signed up almost immediately when I heard about the volunteer opportunity.

I was assigned a group of about five to six children. We were required to go to different stations throughout the course of the day. On the first day it was overwhelming and chaotic trying to locate ourselves. I admit I was a bit nervous because I did not want to lose any of my children of whom I was now responsible of. At the time I felt like a mother chicken taking care of her new born chicks.

When I first arrived to the Bible school I was so surprised to see how many children looked to learn about God. I myself am a strong believer. I just thought it was astonishing that several kids, at such a young age looked for the amazing love of God. But not only was the camp a biblical school but it also served as a place for refuge. Many kids who are going through a difficult time at home found the camp as a place of relief. I felt so touched in seeing the smiles on the children’s face.

As my group and I were at an activity, Elijah came up to me desperately, “Naomi, could you help me please?” At the time we were in arts in crafts and there was a lot of commotion as children was running around looking for materials for their craft. Elijah had told me he wanted me to help him with his craft. I said, “Of course, what do you need help with?” I was more than glad to help him. He told me he wanted to make it for his mom who was found ill. He told me he wanted to make her feel better. It touched me knowing that a six-year old boy wanted to help his mom. The day after he gave the gift to his mother he came back telling me, “Naomi, my mom really liked it!” There was a huge smile casted upon his face. I comforted him by telling him how important he meant to his mom and how much he was loved by not only his mom but God as well.

It was surprising to see how devoted Elijah was to everything after that day. He was attentive to the classes and what the teachers had to say as if he were actually in school. What surprised me even more was to see that he captivated everything and put it into action. After noticing the change it finally hit me. I realized how much of an influence I caused in him. He now came to me for advice and help. I never knew how much I could impact or motivate a single child with a simple word of advice. It made me happy in knowing I could reach out to children and help them in any sort of situation.

The end of the week came, which meant the end of vacation bible school. I had grown so close to the children that it became difficult to say bye to the children that I would not see for a long time or maybe never again due to the fact that they go to different churches. But I was glad in knowing that I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful children. After that summer, I looked to participate in any other bible school which involved children. Now I couldn’t wait for that next opportunity.

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