A Jolly Good Time

February 10, 2012
As I walked through the heated reception hall, seeing the bright smiled faces throughout the Sun Valley Nursing Lodge, it lifted my Christmas Spirit knowing that what I was doing would bring a vast joy to the old folks there during this holiday season.

Every year I take a day trip with some youth from my church and we go to Sun Valley Lodge to spread the Christmas cheer. This would be my 3rd year and it sure is fun to see how much joy some of my time can bring to someone.

Each year we plan an arts and crafts activity to allow the folks there to take part in decorating their home up. This year we did a wreath. This time allows us to converse and learn about each person we help. Each year I help an old man by the name of Eck. He is one of the more active ones in the place and is still running strong at 90 years old! He always has the most entertaining stories about: war, family, jobs, and life in general.

After our craft time we step up the holiday cheer with some good ol’ Christmas Songs; but it’s not just us singing, they might be old but they still know their classics. By the middle of the set we have them out of their wheel chairs and grooving, even my man Eck is singing with everything he has got! Not just singing, in the middle of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer Mrs. Hiljoy got up and started showing off her piano talent, and didn’t miss a note. We had that place rocking out, Christmas Style! And as the songs continued time flew by filling up memories of joy, festivities and the pure Christmas Spirit.

I always enjoy my time spent with the people there. Whether it be making crafts, singing songs, or playing games I always find myself caught up in the pure joy of community service. It never seizes to brings me a great deal of satisfaction to see the smiles you can generate when you spend a little of your time giving back to those who could use it.

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