Bicycle On A Wire

February 10, 2012
By Diana321 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Diana321 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Children frolicking among the place, laughter full of enthusiasm. The smell of metal on my hands as children stare. "That's so cool! Lets' go on that!" As they stare in awe and cannot believe what is in front of their eyes. Some of them leap in excietment while others look down below in fear.
At the Arizona Science Center, innumerable people pass by. From toddlers to the elderly, people of all different shapes and sizes. I assist those who are about to ride the Sky Cycle, a bicycle on a wire that is on the second story. I remember many toddlers who wanted to ride the Sky Cycle, but are too short for the ride become disappointed.
Although the teenagers to adult individuals are more scared than the toddlers, many of them want to be a role model for their children and teach them not to be afraid and open their minds to new things. Countless times at the Arizona Science Center I have felt like I am the one being taught and helped instead of those I am suppose to assist. During those times, I remind to myself of the many smiles upon those visitors faces as they leave or the accomplishment of the fears that they have conquered.
A symphony of voices approach the Sky Cycle as all of the visitors have left. The IMAX Theatres and the children’s voices of the excitment are the violins drawing out spiccato notes. Majority of the visitors are enjoying their first time here and many of them are from out of state.
My first time at the Arizona Science Center was when I applied to volunteer there. After being accepted, I was able to tour around the entire center to familiarize myself with it. I remember learning all of the rules applying to the Sky Cycle and the safety measurements.
My first day of volunteering, I remember a boy of ten years old from Canada visited the Arizona Science Center for the first time and did not speak English but French. While his father translated the rules and the safety measurements, I can see the look on his face that he could not wait to start.
Not only did he take as much time as he wanted, but his laughter echoed throughout the building and the other visitors from below stare in amazement of a bicycle on a wire. Afterwards, many of the visitors then wanted to try the Sky Cycle. This boy had influenced many people to ride it and find their courage within themselves such as a maestro leading the symphony. When he seperated himself from the bicycle to the ground, he told his friends and family of how entertaining it was.
From the look of the boys' face, he not only had the time of his life but inspired me to help more children to search for happiness that they all deserve to experience like him.
Life is short and should not be wasted upon; although, Americans take advantage of everything. Whether it be clothes, food, or money, families in other countires cannot live their lives freely like we do. Everyone should make every second of their life count and live life to the fullest extent with no regrets.
“Tweeter tweeter twang.” The concert ended.

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