March of Dimes Story...

February 8, 2012
What a crazy few days its been.. and its only Wednesday! My "community service" project, or for FBLA was March of Dimes..
Raising money for premature babies! Who doesnt want to save little babies, who knows. It may be your sister, brother, family!

Anyways, later on I'll explain these embarrassing, funny, happenings.

Monday- pretty normal.. knew nothing of what all was going to hit me!

Tuesday- FBLA business day starts. We had to dress officially business like. So I decided to wear black pants, black blazer, white blouse thing, and I challenged the HIGH HEELS. Then, thinking I was some hot shot lookin good, I jumped out of the truck and headed to school eager & bright. Behind me Carson, Kristen, and Jake walked with me. I did good til I got to the concrete crack part. The sidewalk was slanted! I said, "Carson, walk slow with me..." Immediately I hit the concrete with my knees! HAHAHAHA! Dont even remember falling, I just knew I hit the ground. and got back up! My heel slipped on the slanted part! LMAO. My purse did a total 360, and smacked the ground. Didnt know if I was embarrassed to the max, or was supposed to die of laughter.

Wednesday- Dressed in FLAT SHOES and walked on FLAT surfaces. Community Service day. In the morning, our class got a talk about how we needed to raise more money. As a competitive person I am, I thought I'd get some for the class. Got a bucket and thought I'd ask my chorus class.. Finally when I stood infront of all the UPPERCLASSMEM, I felt small and nervous. I explained, and asked for a donation.. Then from the back of the class some low voiced guy said, "nnnooo..." ARE YOU KIDDING?! I felt so embarrassed, thank goodness Valerie was standing next to me.. then some jerk senior guy asks us technical questions. and bluntly said, "I just wanted to ask and see if yall knew what you were doing.." After that I did not sing, and felt like a little freshie being picked on. UGH. But then some kind baseball guy, gave my purple bucket a dollar.

But I'm glad because in the end, I raised money for a good cause! SAVING BABIES! <3 It might've been a little stressful.. but the money will be given; worth it.

Later on after school- this is just the "what the heck" moments. Enough bad things had happened to me already, and for once I thought I'd be nice and practice violin with my sister... Once I went to tune it, turned the peg lower and right as I tugged for it to go higher.. G STRING BROKE..

Wonder what alls gonna happen tomorrow.. at least the March of Dimes continues..

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