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The Interact Club at my high school took a trip to an elderly home in New City, where we gave elders a chance to play with pets from a local pet store. When I walked in, there were many old folks. A few looked like they might die any minute, while others looked like they could live for another 10 years.
A few pictures were hung on the walls to try and bring a little joy and happiness to the place - a place where these good people who could not take care of themselves had to stay.
I was surprised to see the happy faces that these senior citizens had on. One lady, Barbara, had become attached to a kitty smaller than the palm of my hand. It was brown and white, and Barbara was crazy about it. I remember she asked me what the cat's name was and I didn't know what to tell her, and then I asked her if it would make her happy if she named her. When I said this, she smiled so wide I saw the few teeth she had left. She then told me she wanted to call the kitten Cuddles, and I said "Well then Cuddles it is."
Another lady, Marcia, happened to fall in love with a black dog with brown and white patches. The dog's name was Comet. Marcia was 85 years old, and I remember her telling me she loved dogs, and how she wished she could keep Comet forever. I told her that we had to bring it back to the pet shop, and she said "Well then, I better not waste my time," but she continued to play with Comet.
Going to this elderly home has made me wonder what I am going to be like when I get older. When I watched these people enjoy these animals, they were happy, but inside I was hurting. My mom picked me up at 4 p.m., and I told her about the wonderful experience, but also how I hated it too. I enjoyed watching these people have a happy moment, but I hated seeing these people like this. I would tell anyone who could experience this to go for it; it is an experience that they won't forget. I know I won't.

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i love this so much!


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