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   It was hard for me to find a job this summer. I worked at an amusement park the summer before, but my parents decided the drive was too long and wanted me to find a job closer to home. After filling out tons of applications and going to numerous unsuccessful interviews (they wouldn't even hire me at McDonald's), I finally accepted defeat and realized I must find another way to occupy myself. My mother suggested summer school.

"Summer school?" I rolled my eyes.

"How about camp?"

"I'm too old, Mom."

"How about volunteering?"

A light bulb flashed in my head. Volunteer work. Now that's what I was looking for. It has a purpose. It's so ... altruistic. (The word "altruistic" has a ring to it.)

"Yeah! But where?"

"How about the Children's Museum?"

The Children's Museum was perfect. It was an educational, thrilling place where I used to hang out as a kid. There were always exciting activities going on. What a wonderful place to spend the summer. I went there the next day and found the staff to be incredibly friendly and enthusiastic. I just knew I was going to have a fantastic summer.

However, I soon learned that volunteering at a children's museum wasn't all fun and games. You have to be prepared for all emergencies (including kids getting lost, fires), and you're expected to know all the information about the museum programs and exhibits, and most important, you have to make sure that everyone has fun!

If you are looking for a place to volunteer, I strongly recommend that you go to your local children's museum. Volunteering at the museum has allowed me to express my creativity and better understand the way children learn - an invaluable experience I couldn't have had with an ordinary job. fl

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