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   My family and I decided to try to help the less fortunate at Easter. It was last March and my brother, sister and I stayed home after yet another snowstorm. We bundled up warmly and ran out of the house to collect money and canned goods.

Some people slammed their doors in our faces and others told us they already donated at their churches. We still continued, though. To our surprise, the people who we expected to be the most generous weren't. The "well-to-do" gave little or nothing at all, while the poorest gave everything they could afford. In the first couple of hours, we raised $60 and during the following three days of going door to door, we collected approximately $1,000.

We then went to the grocery store and bought rice, potatoes, macaroni and juice. Afterwards we arranged the food and put it into 25 colored laundry baskets, each also containing a three-pound ham.

Finally right before the holiday, my family and I made the deliveries. As the people opened their doors and saw what we had brought, they were ecstatic. Big smiles on the once-sad faces were symbolic of how happy they truly were. Most of them replied, "Now we can have an Easter dinner."

This event was very meaningful for my family and me. We learned to appreciate all we once took for granted. We also learned that to achieve a goal, hard work and patience are necessary. I strongly advocate that all get involved in some aspect of community service. It surely is an unforgettable experiences! fl

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