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   The previous weeks had been decent but, as we approached the end of this number, we felt a special feeling. A feeling of tightness like we were all on the same musical wave-length. As we hit that last note, the crowd rose in smiles and applause. For all of you who think I'm talking about playing at Radio City Music Hall or Madison Square Garden, you're wrong. I'm talking about playing music in church - yes, church. I'm 16 and as community service, I play guitar in my parish, St. Augustine's, every Sunday.

I was introduced to this by my girlfriend. When she asked me about doing this, I had a flashback. I remembered how when I was younger, the music in church was always boring. It was just some old lady plopped down at an organ playing the same humdrum music over and over again. I realized that if I could make the music a little more exciting, it might make for a better time for all my peers and younger children. I'm proud to say because of me, and the rest of the church "band" the Sunday 5:00 mass is one the most crowded of the week.

I just hope that kids come out and see me play, and realize that they can also find something enjoyable to do to help the community. People may say I'm not moving mountains, but at least I'm making a difference. fl

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i love this so much!


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