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   In the middle of the summer my friend came to my house and said "We have to do something. This summer is so boring." So we decided to volunteer. I was interested in horses and my friend loved animals. We called up the SPCA but because of the distance, we could not get a ride, so my friend stopped lookin gbut I decided to look up some therapeutic farms and see if they needed any volunteers. That's when I found Rivindle.

Once I started volunteering at this therapeutic barn (riding for the handicapped), I started to realize that the mentally disabled are like you or me. They may loos and talk a little different, but they can still feel sadness, happiness, and love.

I remember during my second week I was astounded at what one little boy did. He was having the best time on top of that horse, but still he knew when to buckle down and get to work. The look on his face was so happy and content. That one expression helped me get through the next week, until I went back again.

Now normally I would recommend it to anyone, but you shouldn't have any fear of horses, because the people in the saddle are trusting you to help them. The experience I had at the therapeutic riding place was wonderful. I always looked forward to my Saturday mornings. fl

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i love this so much!


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