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   A couple of my friends and I decided that since our trophy case in the high school had not been reorganized or even cleaned since the last time our football program had been to the Super Bowl (who knows when that was), we would take it upon ourselves to reorganize it, update it, clean it, paint it and put velvet on the shelves. We figured that since the whole town sees it when they attend basketball games, wrestling matches, gymnastic matches and town voting, we should put some time and care into making the trophy case a more appealing display.

First we emptied the case of all its old trophies (believe it or not, some dated back to the 1920's) and removed the glass doors and shelves for cleaning. We then painted the back wall white and put blue velvet on the shelves (our school colors). After that we collected all the newer trophies the teams have gotten in recent years, the most successful being girl's track and field and boy's basketball. We then dusted them and put them up in a very appealing fashion. Finally we reattached the doors, freshly cleaned. In all, this project took twenty-five hours. I think that it was very worthwhile, and it gave me a new sense of school spirit. It was rewarding fixing up the school trophy case that is viewed by the whole town. I had a lot of fun doing this project and the memories will last a lifetime. fl

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